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Annette Jones - World Travel Tribe (www.worldtraveltribe.com)

“Stunned would be the description I’d use to describe how I felt after using the Cleanser, it’s very concentrated. I always use a cleanser in the shower to save time. The tube is easy to squeeze a tiny amount out, think the size of a pea. The product glided easily over my wet skin and I began to wonder if I’d mistakenly picked up the day cream as it felt so soft on my skin. I’d left my eye makeup remover behind so applied the cleanser all over my face. It removed it completely without stinging. My face felt soft after it was dried, unusual for a cleanser. If I HAD to pick a favourite, this product would win.”

Sarita Ford – Consulting Hypnotist & Massage Therapist

"I have been using a reputable mineral based cosmeceutical range of skin care for years and have enjoyed their ability to create change in my skin. I began using Uni Organics about two months ago and am amazed that the ingredients seem to be just as active as the cosmeceutical range I had been using previously. I am really happy that these plant based formulas are certified organic. I find them gentle and yet deeply penetrating. I love the idea that the ingredients are extracted from Healthy living plants and therefore I am making use of the natural synergies in their original form."

Denise, 42

"Having experienced significant sun damage in my teens and early 20's, I was concerned about premature ageing, with pigmentation my biggest skin concern. I had also noticed a rougher texture to my chest and neck skin in recent years, which didn't improve with daily moisturising. Six weeks into using Uni Organics, there was a noticeable difference in the overall look of the skin on my chest, neck and face. In addition to reduced pigmentation, there was a 'smoothness' to the skin that is difficult to describe, but certainly easy to see and feel."

Katrina, 32

"I have never been able to use skincare due to my sensitive skin; everything I have tried has caused either break outs or rashes; sometimes both. This has never bothered me, until recently when I have noticed that my skin doesn't have the tightness or smoothness that it used to. When I spoke to my dermatologist I was shocked by what I found out about collagen and elastin depletion starting in our early 30's. I have been trialling Uni Organics for 3 months now and have been amazed. Not only does it feel like I've fed my skin some proper nutrition, it has responded with a glowing complexion and a reduction in the early signs of ageing I had noticed. And best of all, I haven't had any sensitivity or reaction issues."

Deborah, 53

"My mother aged prematurely and I have always been aware that these things are genetic, so I have tried many different anti-aging products over the years! I am passionate about sustainably farmed and produced products and I have tried organic skincare before, but there was always something 'heavy' about them that didn't quite feel right. When I was introduced to Uni Organics, I was surprised to discover that many skincare ranges call themself 'organic' but don't really have to have organic ingredients and elements to do so, and I have probably been using products that say they are natural and organic and are no where close to being certified organic. I now understand the importance of buying and using products that have been certifed organic. I am so excited by the results, and reassured that it is possible to achieve really distinctive skin improvements using ingredients straight from nature. With Uni Organics in my bathroom cupboard, I no longer have concerns about prematurely ageing!"

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