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Quality Packaging



Uni Organics ensure the uniqueness and integrity of our brand with packaging that reflects our values. We have created luxury packaging that has a dazzling impact and eco-friendly appeal. Our Organic Certification guarantees that all products are packaged in recyclable packaging. Uni Organic`s precious creams and serums are packed using airless technology. Airless pump dispensers assist with prolonging the shelf life of your products and allows you to use every last drop of your products. Oxidation is minimized as no air can come into contact with the product and external contamination is limited as any microbial contamination from the hands is removed.

Our non-transparent packaging also protects the products from UV rays.

Our brochures are printed using vegetable based inks and our cardboards and papers are purchased from responsibly managed sources.

We also use:

  • HDPE tubes with foil seals for freshness and quality
  • PET bottles for our Body Wash with a convenient pump for the shower
  • Glass bottles for our Facial Oil with a dropper for minimal waste and the opportunity to blend it with other products

Uni Organics cares for the environment and it's reflected in our products, packaging and who we source our ingredients from.