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Posted by Angela Jones on

We are very lucky to have found this little native gem here in our own backyard.

The Snake Vine plant has dark green leaves with fine with yellow flowers. This vine Is native to Australia and provides an impressive amount of antioxidant compounds. 100 times more potent than Vitamin C and photo-protection to improve the appearance and hydration of skin. 

Our extremely talented and inquisitive formulated chemist has a love affair with an INDIGENOUS PHARMACOPOEIA gifted to her quite some time ago. This gift has proven to be an inspiration for many powerful healing formulas used in various skin and body care products today. 

The discovery of Snake Vine in the pharmacopoeia led to this potent extract being used in our range for its strong ability to heal the skin. This extract is a highly active ingredient becoming renowned for its ability to smooth, tighten and firm aging skin.

Found in Uni Organics:

Good Day Face Day Cream, Sleeping Beauty Enriching Night Cream, Instant Lift Eye Cream

Live well, love life and keep on being happy.