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Top 4 Yoga Positions for Flexibility

Posted by Angela Jones on


Yoga Pose

Yoga has been proven to give many health benefits to those who perform the ancient Indian practice. The exercise is a combination of spiritual techniques aimed at combining mind, body and spirit with a goal to find enlightenment and oneness with the universe. The following four poses are a perfect introduction to yoga and aim to increase your body's flexibility.


This pose requires you to move into a standing star position with legs apart and arms out straight. Slowly, keeping arms and legs straight, bend towards one leg and rest your palm on the ground or as far down on your shin as possible. Ensure you turn your head so you are facing towards the ceiling. Alternate with the other side. This exercise works to strengthen the legs, stretching the hamstrings and hips and opening shoulders and chest.


In this pose, you should be seated with your legs opened as wide as comfortable, toes pointed to the ceiling. Slowly bend forward between the legs towards the floor, keeping the back position straight rather than curved. This pose is great for stretching the hamstrings and calves and additionally, elongating the spine.


From a kneeling position, ensure big toes are touching and spread knees to just past hips. Whilst exhaling, lean forward and lean your torso on the ground between your thighs. Extend arms with palms facing up in front of torso. You will feel some stretching amongst your hips, thighs and ankles. When finishing the pose, aim to rise through an inhalation breath and lift from the tailbone.


One the most well-known poses, the Downward-Facing Dog is a fantastic pose to stretch the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches and hands as well as strengthening the arms and legs. Begin on hands and knees, with knees directly below hips and hands slightly more forward to your shoulders. Begin to rise by lifting your knees from the ground, keeping them bent and with heels off the ground. Work at straightening legs and lowering head to form a triangle with your body.

Scientifically, yoga is said to have a number of health benefits, including increasing blood flow, building muscle strength and assisting in the prevention of joint breakdown over time. Many experts believe that practicing yoga will make the person more radiant and in general, happier and healthier.

Who doesn’t want that? Time to start stretching!