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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic Skincare

Posted by Angela Jones on

What is the difference between synthetically made skincare and organic skincare? A lot actually! Here are 3 reasons why organic skincare is a better option for you, your family and your household. 

1. No Nasty Chemicals 

Synthetically made skincare available at your local chemist or supermarket often contains a long list of chemicals that are not natural and are not meant to be applied onto your skin. Chances are, if you read the ingredients list you won’t even know what the majority of the ingredients are. Containing things like preservatives, emulsifiers, emollients and surfactants, so why would you want to use smother your skin in them? This is the most popular reason why people make the switch to organic skincare products and a more Wholesome routine. The Uni Organics collection is certified organic brand here in Australia and around the world, and all of our products have been crafted using natural organic ingredients and native extracts. We do this to ensure your skin is drinking in the good stuff rather than the nasty toxins and chemicals in generic brands. 

2. It Is Better For The Environment 

When products are certified organic, it means no chemicals or pesticides were used in the growth of the ingredients. As a result, no harm is done to the environment throughout the process, so our organic products are a better option not only for your skin, but for the environment too. 

3. Organic Products Work Wonders 

Using organic based skincare means you are using high concentrations of natural ingredients that work at repairing and enriching your skin naturally. These ingredients have been researched and the results are a combination of what ingredients work in complete unison. Certified organic skincare is also great if you have sensitive skin, as it doesn’t contain any chemical irritants and the ingredients are gentler. 

Interested in making the switch over to organic skincare (we promise you won’t ever look back!)? Uni Organics has got you covered and you can shop the entire range here.