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Founded in 1974, Uni Organics was originally created by Marc (Billy) Greig, as a solution to his family's allergic reactions to regular shampoos, conditioners and skin care products.

Marc was unable to find skincare or haircare products that delivered good results, but were also free from harsh chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin. Having worked in the hairdressing industry for 20 years, he combined his expertise with a personal desire to create a product range that was as natural as possible.

In 1974 the first Uni Organics products were produced in Marc’s kitchen. The range was simple and effective; Chamomile Shampoo and Conditioner, Clear Henna Wax Treatment for hair, Sorbolene Cream and Vitamin E Cream.

These products were years ahead of their time, containing actual chamomile flowers and natural clear Henna Powder. The range proved to be so popular that Marc left the hairdressing industry and started formulating and manufacturing products full time. He went on to become one of Australia’s most renowned formulators, manufacturing for multi national companies until his retirement in 2003.

Angela Jones has been working - and living - with organic products since the late 1990's, when a health problem caused her to investigate the benefits of natural foods and cosmetic products. In the decades since, she has combined her passion for research and development of organic products with a 20 year career in the hair and beauty industry, both as a salon owner and sales agent for product supply companies.

Driven by a strong desire to create an ethical business that had established its roots here in Australia, Angela purchased the Uni Organics brand in 2012.

Following two years of product development, scientific research, ingredient sourcing and collaboration with some of the best formulating chemists in the industry,Uni Organics has evolved into the Contemporary Premium Certifed Organic Skincare Range it is today.